MY OLYMPIAD. Stage IV National Students Olympiad in the English Language. The city of Chernihiv. 2019

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The All-Ukrainian Students Olympiad in the English language in the city of Chernihiv which united 110 superiors from every corner of the country has become a history… It was a competition of the most talented young people our land has to offer, it was a festival of the students elite.  


D. Romochuskyy – 11 form student, the winner of the National Students Olympiad: For me, the Olympiad was an amazing experience.It was not only an excellent opportunity to compete with other students but a chance to meet awesome people as well. I really enjoyed communicating with like-minded young people. Some of them are my friends now.  In addition to that, it showed every one of us our stronger and weaker sides, so that we know what we need to improve. I think the Olympiad is a good possibility to develop yourself. Highly encourage everyone to participate!

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E. Yakubets–10 form student, the winner of the National Students Olympiad:Getting the chance to communicate with other successful students all around Ukraine was amazing and unforgettable. The competition itself was really tough and challenging. The overall experience will definitely prove invaluable throughout my life. I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to all the people who did a top job providing all the possible opportunities for successful work at the Olympiad.

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O. Sikora –10 form student, the winner of the National Students Olympiad:The olympiad was a fun experience. I got to see a nice show on the opening ceremony. Participated in a challenging but fun competition based around English language, talked with my peers from different regions of Ukraine. I also got evaluated for my performance during the week of work. As a bonus, the hosts of the competition gave us a nice tour around the city and got us to the opera where we saw a very entertaining play. At the end of it all I got to be one of the few kids who stood on the stage and received a document saying that I am one of the winners, which is one of the greatest feelings when you gave your all to improve your worth. Winning is an attitude and it has to become my habit. I’ll keep striving hard to achieve my objectives.

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